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The Beginning...

Every start to a great relationship begins with exposure, without that exposure the capability to develop a deeper understanding of that subject matter is lost. You must be able to open yourself fully to the ideas presented to you, in order to be able to decide what they mean. There is a correlation between the amount of time spent with someone or something that directly relates to the importance it has in our lives. The exposure I have had with nature throughout my life has forever changed my course.

Most people have some sort of experience in the outdoors, usually stemming directly from their child. I am no exception, growing up the significance of nature was presented to me in many different ways. Whether it be sports, traveling or just hanging out with friends, the power of nature was displayed before my eyes numerous times. The catalyst that drove the importance of nature in my life started while working at a local pizza joint. I meet three guys who shared the same passion I had for the exploration of nature, as our relationships developed so did the relationship we had with the outdoors. I'm not sure if everyones first backpacking trip is their most memorable, but seven days hiking the Appalachian Trail post 20 inches of snow made mine to be just that. Drudging through river crossing after river crossing of almost freezing water really set the mood for the trip. This was the breaking point, the relationship hit its nexus, either I was hooked or I never wanted to go back again.

Although my experience might be extreme, the general rule applies to all new experiences people encounter. There is a moment of interest, followed by initial research or questions, all leading to that moment of direct exposure. That exposure determines that persons point of view on that subject, whether it is good or bad isn't the point. What matters is that person had the ability to open themselves to something new, making it so they can create their own point of view based off of real experiences.

-Jeremy Allan

Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit
— Edward Abbey

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