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The Purpose of Design

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Design Philosophy 

A way to connect to the world around you

What is the purpose of design...?

Ask 1,000 designers and you'll most likely receive 1,000 different answers. Similar to most ambiguous questions, there is not one correct answer. The truth behind this question does not come from any external source, the answer to the purpose of design comes from within oneself. This blog will not be a solution for this question, only an insight from one designer, myself.

Design as a whole is about thought, the process of not only perceiving the world around you in your own perspective, but also from the people you interact with on a daily basis. I am a firm believer that the work a designer creates is only as good as the inspiration they draw from, and who better to be inspired by then the people you are designing for. Great design for the lack of a better word is very, "human", meaning, the object of design is driven by insights based off of the humans they were designed for. Whether we are talking aesthetics, functionality, color or material every feature must have it's relation to the criteria set forth from the research conducted. Moving through the design process, every step is filled with endless thought, surrounding how each feature will impact the life of the person who's using it.

In a world filled of unanswerable questions and unsolvable problems, great design does not achieve the unachievable. It cannot answer the meaning of life, or prevent wicked problems from continuing, but it can act as a catalyst in the way it shapes and moves the emotions and actions of the people who interact with it. Great design will never solve the destruction of natural landmarks such as Bears Ears National Monument, but it can create the platform for people to connect to each other and inform one another on the issues at hand. This type of design, Great design, it doesn't fix the world. It helps the people of the world to be capable to progress forward in life and make meaningful connections to people and to the things around them.

-Jeremy Allan

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