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User Centered Design

Post Studio Visit Thoughts

Today we visited Studio H2G , H2G standing for "Heads Together". Heads Together is a multidisciplinary interior/architecture consultancy, based out of Birmingham, MI.  Their name summarizes the focus of the team and the manner in which they function. By implementing a user centered approach, each project lives a life of it own. Being driven not by the clients who contracted H2G, but by the needs of the end consumer. This allows for an empathetic approach that promotes a solution that will create a more meaningful experience for the users. One of the examples I found very compelling was when Studio H2G asked their clients the goal of their specific shopping center. Their response was to foster an environment that promotes health and learning for  the families coming to the shopping center. After an understanding of their clients core beliefs a deeper dive into the application of those beliefs happened. Resulting with the studio reaching out to a local children's museum learning center just blocks away from the shopping center. By sharing their mutual belief in the betterment of families through health and learning a partnership was formed. Linking a known local amusement with a destination place for communing and shopping. Through an understanding of your clients core beliefs, valuable insights are created. Resulting in a more meaningful implementation of those values, ultimately creating a desirable space people appreciate and want to spend time in.

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