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A World Filled With Experiences

By : Jeremy Allan

Own less, Do more

A shift is happening inside modern culture, the premise is changing from a consumer market place to a service based market place. Generationally the focus is shifting away from obtaining more products, to investing in greater experiences. As the times change so must the way we design, providing spaces and environments that promote these experiences is crucial. No longer can stores be solely focused on the products they sell, the experience must be wholistic. Providing an environment that promotes meaningful interactions and a positive association to the products or services they provide. With more information being readily available there is also an intense focus in company/personal branding. A quote within the business realm, "people don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it". This statement is having a large impact on society as a whole, not only affecting the storefronts of businesses but also the corporate environments as well. Companies are starting to look for new employees who have similar values and are interested in becoming apart of the companies community. This way of thinking is developing a higher value in collaboration, creative thinking, problem solving and greater interpersonal skills. All of these values revolve around creating a better work experience. Society is making progress for the better, focusing more on the unifying bond that brings people together and less on the objects that separate us.

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