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Importance of Fluidity


Movement In Design

The importance of fluidity

Movement through the design process

What has always interested me about the arts & design is it ability to consistently have more then one right answer. In fact there may or may not ever be a "right" answer. This enables an environment that thrives on creativity, where ideas are validated by how creative the solution is. An interesting idea always rattles in my mind about the process, really any process that allows people to create something new. That idea is rooted in the belief that every person must find their own way of moving through the creation of art or design. In order to never stagnate one must evolve and adapt to the world as it changes around them. Constantly revitalizing the work with a breath of relevancy to the times. One cannot force oneself into being inspired or to be creative, the best of these moments happen naturally and when you least expect it. For example the image at the top of these page was developed as the result of random abstractions of a skull that was drawn on my paper by a friend in class. Taking turns abstracting that image further and further, while also listening to the lecture about the Bauhaus, Kandinsky and Mondrian. Post sketch frenzy I began thinking of life and death, sickness and health, and the relation of tea and morality. Tea being a drink acting almost as a life force and the skull as the representation of an eminent death. The combination of these two ideas is what led to this design. I was not in control of the process and I did not try to control this process. Instead a natural flow state guided the creation of a piece I had no intention of ever making. Ultimately being a natural evolution of thoughts and ideas, relevant to my surrounds. Creating meaning and significance to myself and those who interact with it.

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